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Mother's Day Ribs

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Prep work: Light coat of oil & dry rub.



In The Smoke--



I gave 1/2 a rack to a buddy. He couldn't stay & his wife LOVES my ribs!!




Ready To Eat!!!  10.1 pounds of babys, smoked 5.5 hours with hickory & cherry wood. 225 - 240*. mmmmmmmmmmmm!



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Hy, look's fantastic. What type of sauce did you use, time, temp? 



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Very Nice Hyyal  !!!




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man those some good lookin ribs mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Great looking Ribs...

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Very nice lookin' ribs,

Is that a Secret Sauce ? icon_lol.gif

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The ribs look delicious!

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The rub and sauce are my own recipe. The sauce is called "3rd Helping".


The sauce has ketchup, mustard, brown sugar, worchestershire, oj, honey, garlic, red & black pepper and a secret ingredient!!

It's a pretty basic sauce, took me a loooong time to get the ingredients & quantities right. Got it right the 1st time and didn't write it down, had to work at it after that.


Sorry I can't tell you quantities or the secret, I've started selling locally (flea markets & such) and don't want the secret to get out!.


Thanks for the compliments, I'm a noob to the forum, but have been smoking for a long time.



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RP -


time was 5.5 hours, temp 225 - 240*. Wood was hickory and cherry. I usually use hickory & apple, I was out of apple this time. My wife says she likes the cherry better.

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