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A little boneless beef short-ribs Q-View...

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Nothin' fancy... just threw a package of beef boneless short-ribs on the grill slow n' low style. Far left 2 burners are set to almost all the way to low and it holds 225F perfectly. Got the AMNS chock full 'o cherry dust. the hot spot jumped rows but I don't mind. Tossed the remaining apple wood chunks in the big stainless smoke tray under the left grill just for the heck of it...


Rub is a little Kirkland Signatures (Costco brand) no-salt seasoning, chili powder, sea salt, black pepper, brown sugar.... just experimenting here...

This grill can do hot smoke without too much fuss... some things about it I don't like... but it's manageable.












They've been in for about 3 hrs now....... I'll update with more pics when I take 'em off. 439.gif

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mmmmmmmmmmmmm those look good nice work

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Ran outta propane after about 4.5 hrs in the smoke.... a rookie mistake I know, but I sort of expected it as the bottle was getting low. No sweat! Foil and finish in the oven until meat hit 205F.







The pics don't do it justice! These were super tender and moist.. perfect level of smokiness from the cherry/apple wood. the rub actually was nice, no sauce needed at all. The smoke penetrated more then the pics show....drool.gif

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Very nice, They do look tender.

Everyone says Todd has a good product with the AMS,Havn't tried it yet.

But your ribs look fantastic!

Thanks for sharing  thumb1.gif

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Looks delicious!

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I'd hit those in a heartbeat! Nice!

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Look real good from here!



Thanks for showing,


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Excellent!  Those look great.  Ya just gotta love that little AMNS.


Good luck and good smoking!

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