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whole pork belly question

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Just called nahunta pork center and wanted to order a whole pork belly. They said they are about 5 lbs.. I thought whole bellies are about 8 lbs and up.....will I be ordering something that has been trimmed or cut in half..... they want 3.19 per lb... its the only place I can get it..... havent ordered yet until I get some info from you fine folks.....



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Is this a local store or is this on the internet?

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local Al. its a pork outlet here in raleigh. They have a pork center out in goldsboro and have a small outlet store  at the farmers market

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Most bellies come in a case with 2 bellies.

Smithfield or the last one I got came from D.L.Lee and sons from Alma Ga.Purchased at a small local store with a buthcher shop. They have gator too...

All the bellies I have bought so far are 12 to 17 pounds.

Find a family store with with a butcher shop and ask to buy a case of bellies. Or an Asian market,they use lots of bellie.

The price has always been different for me..the last buy was 2.99 but the bellies are awesome.

Keep looking..



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I envy you guys. There is no place around here to get pork bellies. We don't have one butcher shop in Highlands County.

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Joe I would go look at it and see what it is. That's small for a belly but possibly they cut them in half or something. I've gotten them like Craig has two in a case and I have gotten them 5-6 in a case but almost all of them have been 8-11 lbs each piece

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Thats one problem.. I cant see the belly.... I order it andThey have to bring it from their main store to the farmers market outlet.... I will keep looking around. There arent a lot of places to by pork belly around here. I will check into the aisain markets but I dont think I would want to buy anything from them.. you should see some of the stuff they sell in there... the dept of agriculture visits them a lot around here.

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google searched pork belly in Raleigh NC and found someone had the same dilemma. Had answers to his question to try grand Asian market. I called and they carry them. will head up there tomorrow......Thanks for the help. I'll let ya know what I find



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I get mine one at a time from one of the many small family butcher shops in this area.


I have paid anywhere from $2 per pound, without the skin to $3 per pound, but $3.19 could be a fair price for the current Pork Belly market.


The ones I got have all been between 8lb & 12 lbs.




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the last 2 bellies I bought were trimmed and skinned and wieghed 11-13lbs

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