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Fun spin on mashers/Share your inspired sides!

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I decided to post this up here in sides and not derail Johnnie's thread on buttermilk brined pork chops. The mention of experimenting with buttermilk reminded me of something I tried out a couple times, and I thought I'd share it.


I was out of regular milk for mashers one evening, but had a whole carton of buttermilk, so I decided "
what the heck" and threw it in. It took more of the buttermilk than regular milk to get the texture right, but taste was phenominal, like mashers with sour cream mixed right in. They still had a thicker texture thaqn regular spuds, and we're light like regular potatoes, but were really tasty, and took to black pepper really well.


Anybody else got any crazy spins on conventional potato dishes, or other sides?

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Ill use Sour Cream sometimes


Philly cream cheese


and sometimes make em with Ranch Dressing and Garlic


Toppings, kids love it when I make a crumbled bacon topping


A while back made the mash topped with cheddar and bacon and baked in oven to brown cheese.


Have mixed bacon throughout spuds with a little bacon grease as well.



Twice baked potatoes are another one of my favs.


Potato skins with mash on top with bacon and cheddar is a welcome treat for the family


Cant go wrong with spuds.

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Twice baked potatoes, my favorite! Mashed got to have cream, butter & chives.

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My latest fun party trick is potatoes duchesses (technically, pommes de terres duchesse).  You can mash potatoes just for them or use leftover mashed potatoes.  If you're using leftovers, you want them a little dry, and you add about an egg yolk or two per pound of spud, plus some parmesan & what have you.  There's a lot of recipes all over the internets.  What makes them fun is you let them cool a bit, then using a big star tip and a pastry bag, you make beautiful little dollops on a sheet of parchment paper.  You can do them a day ahead and just stick them in the fridge.  To heat, you just stick them in a hot oven until they're warmed through.  Mashed potatoes you can eat with your fingers!  I haven't had a chance to smoke them yet, but you could add smoke at pretty much any stage - use smoked potatoes, smoked the dollops before heating, or heat them up in the smoke.  Super fun!  p.s. I heart your avatars.

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All sounds very good.
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ooooohhh, I just remembered Syracuse Salt Potatoes:


Boil fingerlings in heavily salted water (1LB to a gallon heavy), then remove when tender, and allow a few minute's rest on a rack until a slight salt crust forms.



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