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Beef brisket dinner with Qview!

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This was my 1st smoke in about a month and 2nd flat so far. The taste seems to get better and better each time. Here are the details of the smoke on a beautiful sunny day here in NJ.

Size: 3.44# Flat

Rub: Pepper, garlic salt, onion powder, cumin, chili powder, brown sugar and a touch of cayenne.

Wood: Hickory

Smoke time: 5 1/2 hours @ 230-240. Loooong stall in the 150's. Up and down for about 2 hours til it hit an IT of 160.

Finished in oven: 1 hour @ 230 foil wrapped in a disposable pan til it hit IT of 195.

Rested in foil for about 45 mins before slicing.

And now for the Qview!! Thanks for looking guys.


Out of the fridge after a night in plastic wrap with rub.



IT of 160 and into the pan.



Ready for slicing.



All sliced up.



Final plate: Brisket, homemade slaw, jalapeno cornbread and sweet potato casserole. Yummmmmm!!



Oh yeah....also did some babybacks too!






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Great post and delicious pictures!!


Looks like you could cut the picture size some. I have hi speed dsl and it took a long time to download all the pics.



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nice job on the q and presentation.  i'll pass on the sweet potatoes thoough.......blah...

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Originally Posted by fpnmf View Post

Great post and delicious pictures!!


Looks like you could cut the picture size some. I have hi speed dsl and it took a long time to download all the pics.



Sorry it took so long to dl for you. I have cable and it loaded in a few seconds.


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drool.gifGreat looking lay out ya got. If it taste as good as it looks then you hit a home run.

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Wow!  Great looking food.  Congratuations on a successful smoke.


pics loaded fine for me

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You need no further guidance.. Good job on that brisky! That is the one cut of meat that will make a novice Q-er throw his smoker in the river. Being your second flat, I'de say you are well on your way. The ribs look just awesome as well.

Don't worry about the size of the pics. In fact, if ya can, upload some smell and taste as well!

Good job once again!

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Make the pictures bigger so they fill the whole screen. Old f-rts like me need big pictures.

That smoke ring is awesome. I can see the juice in the meat. I, like others, think you have it figured out.

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ChazE, I, like a lot of the other guys, think you are now well on your way!  I know this much your 2nd flat looks a lot better than my 3rd or 4th one did.  Your bbr's look fantastic, I think you got the hang of things nicely but that is not a pass to stop smoking, posting Q-View, or posting comments on what all the rest of us post, just keep up the good work my friend, the longer the better.  I hope your still posting when I have long since retired from cooking. Great Job Chaz!


Your SMF Friend,

Barry  biggrin.gif

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Excellent job there my friend. Love that smoke ring! No problem with the pics here, they popped right up.

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Great looking Q on both fronts...brisket and ribs both look fantasticicon14.gif

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Nice - I'll take 2 ribs please!

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Great look Q you have there.. Nice job bet it was tasty icon14.gif

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Great Q-view, looks like I need to put one on and hope it turns out that good. Nice job! 

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Great looking grub!

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It all looks GREAT...


Great Job on the Qview...

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Beautiful brisky and ribs, Chaz.  I could handle a plate of that.2thumbs.gif


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