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New Stuffer

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Last month a friend of mine who is a hydraulic machinist/engineer said hey i want to make you a stuffer. Ok i said cool.


Well its been in the box for a couple days and today i got around to opening the box.




He really went all out.


I did see photos of him putting it all together and he went to great measures not to contaminate the insides with any glues. Below are some photos. The stuffer has 2 size stuffer tubes, push rod, ram with O rings, valves and all sorts of tubes.


I'm going to wash it up and get to stuffing this week with it.













Thank you my friend. I'm sure i will find a way to pay you back PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Holy Guacamole!!!!!





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Wow. Do I see some sausage in your future?

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That is one impressive rig - WOW - congrats

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WOW that's a great idea!! Awesome rig for sure,bet that thing will pump out the sausage!!!!

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Holy Moly !!!!!


That's Awesome, Nepas!


That guy gets unlimited Free sausage!!!!!!


Now you can finally make some sausage!    ROTF.gif




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Ahhhhhhhh Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.....................Houston......come in Houston..........We have found the sausage does it work

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Nice......... I built my first stuffer out of stainless steel sanitary tubing and a long air cyllinder. It worked great but my only problem was I had to disassemble the air cylinder and clean all the seals,washers, misc. parts, after use. I still have it but it sits in the corner. I now use the cabelas 30 lb stuffer with foot control motor..  You will like the long tubes. You can get alot of casings on there. I could put 30-40 ft of casing on. That is something I miss with the cabelas stuffer. good luck with the new toy and post some pics

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Wow!!!! That is one nice looking stuffer!

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Yes!!!!!!!!  We need to see that stuffer in Action...Pics when you can please.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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