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4.82lb spare ribs? What did she bring home? Also need a glaze

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First I would like to ask if anyone has seen a rib rack this light? I think this hog ran marathons or something.  More bones than meat.... 


Also, Obviously I will have to tune my cook times a bit due to the smaller rack.  Any ideas where I might end up?  I was thinking about 2/2/1. 


Also, I planned to use my BBQ sauce for my glaze for the last phase of the cook but wondering what you guys usually use?  Should I consider making a specific glaze? 

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Those are perfect sized spares I always look for something under 5 pounds myself.  Trim them up and smoke them.  I think the glaze is a good idea I always throw just a little sauce glaze on when I am finishing my ribs.

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Now that sounds about right to me. I really can't remember what a good slab of spares should weigh.

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Spares under 5lbs taste better than those from a megahog, IMHO. I've always cooked spares 3-2-1 at 230°-240°,YMMV.

Glaze with your favorite BBQ sauce, or maple syrup or make one using 1/4 cup apple juice, 1 TBS honey and 2TBS apple jelly, and heat to reduce. Apple goes well with pork.

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Right now I am trying to make the decision to foil or not.  I never have in the past because I honestly did not know about it and have never seen a competition guy do it.  I tried it on my pork butts and did not like it.  made my bark soft and prefer a more crispy bark. 


So, can I get my with basting to keep moist and not foil or will that really dry them out?  I do notice that towards the end of the cook, The bark can get pretty thick and black.  Decisions.....

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Whatever you decide don't forget the Qview!

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Camera was gone with the wife today so I missed an opportunity for pics but...


I decided against the foiling after my experience with other meats in foiling.  I was happy with my decision.  Not sure if others would agree but I really like some texture on the outside.  I was extremely happy with the bark.  The ribs did not have much marbling and I think caused things to be just a bit tough plus I pulled them just a bit too early because of the lack of fat and some of them pulled off the bone clean, and some left a little meat on the bones.  I think 1 more hour would have nailed it.  I was at 6.5hrs on this one.  They were pulling away and very close but I was really concerned with moisture. 


I will have to work on my technique for testing doneness towards the middle of the rib.  I did not want the fall off the bone on this one. 


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