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Chuckies and Jerky

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Wanted to try a chuckie and some jerky on my new Stumps smoker. The chuckie was roughly 4 lbs, rubbed with jeffs rub and injected with beef broth, rub and worcestershire. The jerky was marinated in low sodium soy, worcestershire and spices. I smoked the chuckie at 240* until an internal of 203*. It took approx 7 hrs. The jerky was smoked at 155* for about 3.5 hrs. Both turned out great.

here's a few pictures.


If they are too big, I apologize. My first post on the new forum and first time trying to post pictures.



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Looks Good...

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That's some great looking jerky

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Nice job on both of them!!! Picture size is all good!!!

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Looks like you did good on both of them

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Nice job! Both look delicious.

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Now I really like a good pulled chuckie and your jerky looks swell too.


PS you did a great job posting your pictures.

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Nice chuckie. Think I need to do one this weekend!!

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