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Two new additions to the stable.

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Ok I havent been posting much recently have been busy with addition # 1

 Her name is Isabella Rose she was born august the 3rd.




Now here is addition # 2




My christmas present a stainless steel mes with window and temp probe it is seasoning as i type will break in tomorrow with a hind quarter from a deer my buddy gave me.


so far i am impressed with the quickness of getting up to temp and the airtight seal on door i have a chimney hooked up to it and not a trace of smoke in garage so look forward to posting some q-view thanks for looking and Happy New Year to all of smf

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Congrats on Isabella Rose  she's a cutey. The smoker is cool too biggrin.gif

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congrats on both

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aww. congrats!   You're in for a LOT of fun with both your new additions!  Girls are full of surprises - Enjoy!

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Congratulations! Your daughter Isabella Rose looks like one great big huge bundle of joy. Many smiles and happy smokes!

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Congrats man. Thats awesome

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Way to go brother! My first is on the way, your family is already blessed with a beautiful girl, may good times and food follow.

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Thanks for all the kind words.

Isabella is a very happy baby and keeps me busy I love spending time with her.

Now for the mes it has its first smoke going now a hind quarter from my buddys deer

and some jerky may throw a fattie on dont want no space going to

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CONGRATS Isabella is quite the cutie too. I bet she keeps you running now.


Oh yea the smoker is nice too.

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Congratulations, do not get too excited and try and smoke some milk powder.

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