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Finally.....we have bark sighting...

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I have been dissatisfied with the bark on my ribs. Yesterday, I used Jeff's rib rub for the first time. I rubbed the ribs with oil instead of mustard. I am much happier. 4 hours on BGE at about 200. One hour in foil. Rested in fridge overnight. Finished with a glaze this evening.....last pic only shows two slabs.....d..n things have a way of disappearing around here. 


I am definitely going to have to build something bigger though. I love the Egg, but I cant cook whole slabs on it without burning the ends of them. I am thinking an insulated vertical about 30 inches wide.....062.JPG070.JPG072.JPG

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they look very good yummy

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Nice job! Keep us posted if you decide on the new smoker. icon_cool.gif

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those look awesome..nice color.great bark....dang now i want ribs!!!

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Hey, great look. I wish one would have dissapeared over here, but anyway. First good move on loosing the mustard. I use a nice coat of extra virgin olive oil on everything. Next, wrap the ends of your ribs with foil that will solve you problem.

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Thanks for the kind words and the tip about wrapping.
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Very nice. Those look real tasty.

I have a medium BGE and could never get it to hold temp under 275. Tried for years.

Bought an electric. Problem solved.  BGE is happy and so am I.

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I get better bark with mustard personally. The bark has more to do with the sugar content of your rub.

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I hear what you are saying. I am doing the next ones with mustard, even though I am pretty happy with these. " I got's to know".
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Man oh Man those ribs look out of this world. If you were after some bark on ribs you sure found it alright.

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