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Whooo Hoooo!

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Went to the Super H Mart and looked up my butcher... mr I dont speak no english. I call him uncle ho.

We did the same dance we always do and he went and looked at bellies.Came back about 6 minutes later with this very meaty lookin

Smithfield bellie. We nodded with a few uh huhs and he went back in and tagged it. 14.63 lbs @ 2.29 a lb.


They also had huge jalapenos on sale .59 a lb.

Also found a 4.84 lb butt that seems to have no or a very small bone. 1.99 a lb.

A 2lb bag of columbian cane sugar finishes the shopping.

This is one of the few things I am gonna miss when we move to the rural area of the panhandle.

Not hard to please the old folks, is it?



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Can't wait to see that in a finished form. Looking good from here

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