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Buying a Pre-Brined turkey?

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I just noticed that my local Whole Foods has a Pre Brined Turkey.


What are your thought about this?

I can always Brine my own, but this would save some work.



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My take on it is, Would paying  the higher cost justify the time you would spend brining your own .69/ lb butterball?

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Well, most 69 cent per pound butter ball are injected with around a 10% water solution.  I have read on here to try

to purchase a turkey that does not have that solution in it, if you are going to brine.

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Yea i read that too. but i don't do everything i read. I have done chickens and turkeys and they have come out great.

 Would a fresh unbrined bird come out better . i don't know as the ones ive done were good . so i can't see paying the cost difference.

 Note: If you are buying a 10% solution bird ,Cut the salt in the brine in half.

The solution they inject w/ is high sodium.

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Theses days it hard to find a turkey that doesn't have some brining in it already. So I would just go about your biussiness and continue with your brining the way that you wanted it.

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Well, I ended up getting a publix brand turkey that only had a 4% solution added to it, so I guess
I will just brine it and smoke.
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