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Turkey drip pan

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So I am almost done with my first UDS (gettin real excited) and I am not sure where to go now. I have read that I need to catch the drippings from my turkey for the gravy and to keep from flare ups in the charcol basket. Are these assessments accurate or should I just not worry about it. If I do need to catch the drippings (which I would like to do) what would be the best way to do it? How far below the bird should it be. By the way I am going to do 2 sub-12lb birds instead of 1 larger one as i have 30+ people to feed. If any one has any ideas I would greatly appreicate any adivce. Thanks in advance, happy smoking all.

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Some of us don;t use a drip pan ,so that the fat does hit the coals for extra flavor.

 But to catch it for gravy I use one those small disposable foil pans from most food stores

If you don't have a second shelf to put it on you could get 2 big enough to put both birds

in and catch the drippings that way but I'd set them on cooling racks to keep the turkeys up

out of the drippings

  when I use the pan to catch the drippings on my lower shelf I always add about a quart of water to it so

doesn;t cook off while smoking

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