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First Chuckie

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Doing my first chuckie today...had gone by the BBQ supply place today, and picked up some rubs since they were on sale, so I'm using plowboys Bovine Bold, instead of my normal brisket rub that I make.  Anyways, here it is rubbed down and ready to sleep in the chill chest last night:




And just a few minutes ago, on the smoke!




Under the chuckie is a pan with some beef broth, onion, worcestershire, red pepper and garlic that I'm going to use as kind of an au jus.  More to come!

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Yay! Another Chuckie lover! Welcome to the gang, Bear got me going on the dang things and I'm hooked. Yours looks great, how much does it weigh?

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You are going to love that chuckie.They are one of my favorites.

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Looks like a good start

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This one is not quite 2.5 lbs.  I bought 2 at the store when they were on sale and froze the other one.  It's a little bigger (a tad over 3 lbs), but I wanted to use this as a bit of a tester to see if I wanted to change anything when I did the bigger's sitting about 158* right now...would you recommend foiling these, or letting them ride?  I'm thinking foiling at 170, but interested to hear other opinions.

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I did foil mine.

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Personally I foil chuckies at about 165. I feel I get a better product when I foil them

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Agreed.  Foil them at 165° and then retain the juices you get in the foil.  Mix the juices back in after you rest and pull the meat.

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Well, I'm slicing it...just not a pulled beef fan.  Either way, I foiled at 170*, then wrapped in a towel at 190*, and it's now resting in the cooler...forgot to snap a pic before it went in, but I'll get one before I slice (and after).  My au jus burned, unfortunately, it was completely dry, so I had to toss that, but I will still have the drippings in the foil to love and cherish when I get everything sliced up...I'll have more pics in an hour or so!

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They are addictive, and you can use sliced/pulled chuckie in soooo many other recipes.

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I too really like the chuckie's. I just started pulling the last couple I did and if you make those enchilada out of them. You won't be disappointed

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I usually buy two chuckies to toss on the smoker any time I fire it up - Costco sells two 3 lb. chuckies for about $20. I just pull them and vaccum seal them for later meals.... figure I usually have the space on the racks, might as well put it to good use!

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Well, a little later than I expected...the wife and I had dinner plans at a friend's house, and between getting the quesedillas made for that, finishing the chuckie, getting my son ready, etc...time ran out.  Anyways, here's the finished chuckie, and - yeah, it's great.  I couldn't keep slicing without putting another one in my mouth!  Anyways, it will be made into some great sammies over the next couple days, so thanks again to the SMF for turning me on to another tasty treat!



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Looks real good!

What no pictures of it sliced???  





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Great job on the chuckie!  


Just finished rubbing one to throw on the smoker tomorrow morning.

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Great looking chuckie. I love to do them and use them in several dishes. If you can find the small corn tortillas and chop them up they make incredible street tacos.


I also have done them with the au jus and made them into French dip adding some Jonnies Au Jus - OH man they are good

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