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    Hello All,
    Just wanted to start out by thanking everyone on this site for the invaluable information I’ve been privileged too for the last few months since I found SMF. I have been an active guest user since finding SMF and used everyone’s advice before purchasing my first smoker, a Master Built 50in two door propane smoker (picking it up this weekend!). I’ve already got a list of mods I’ve read on this site I’m looking to possibly implement, depending on how it does on its own, and I went all in by purchasing a Maverick ET-732 right from the start. Thanks again for everyone’s help so far and I look forward to sharing some of my first smokes as well as some of my own concoctions I’m sure to come up with.
  2. [​IMG]Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



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    Welcome to the Smoking  forum.   You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have.  Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right.  LOL.   Don’t forget to post qviews.


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