Tribute To My Pap - Dry Cured Ham, Sausage, CB, BBB, Dried Beef

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  1. I figured I'd put this here since there will be more pork than anything else  [​IMG]

    I'm having a busy day. My grandfather is back home - at least for now  [​IMG]    He likes the plain CB I make so I figured I'd make some for him   [​IMG]    He also said he was hungry for some basic fresh sausage - just salt & pepper & a little brown sugar. No problem there either  [​IMG]

    Then he surprised me - he said what he could really eat was some country ham like he used to make. He hasn't made any for years & years though. I can remember them in his smokehouse back when I was knee high to a watermelon but once he quit butchering he stopped making them. Well him saying this made my day. You see, I've been secretly dry curing a ham to surprise my grandparents & parents with over the holidays  [​IMG]   It is now 8 months old & he wants some so why wait any longer?

    I was in such a hurry & so excited to get to give him some ham like he used to make that I forgot to take any pics before I started cutting it but I realized & still took some  [​IMG]  I'll put them up directly but gonna start with the sausage...

    This was the butt I started with for the sausage.

    Deboned it, got rid of the gland & some membranes & cut it into chunks. I put it into the freezer to stiffen up.

    Once it was stiff I took it out of the freezer, put it in the grinder's hopper & got ready to go.

    A minute later I had this.

    And this is the loin I started with for the Canadian Bacon.

    I cut it into 3 pieces, saved 1 to smoke & trimmed these 2 for the bacon. Please forgive my sloppy job I was in a big hurry - lots of irons in the fire today...

    To be continued directly...
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  2. I made one piece plain & one hot & spicy  [​IMG]

    Here is the cure mix for the plain.

    Here is the cure mix & the spice mix for the hot & spicy.

    And here they are rubbed down & ready to go in the fridge - hot & spicy on the left, plain on the right.

    They will get flipped & massaged once daily & will be done curing in 7 days...

    Be back directly with more...
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  3. I'll be watching!
  4. While I was doing everything, I threw together some more stuffed portabellas like I made here  quick to have for this week.

    I put a little too much cheese in the burger mix & ran out - I didn't feel like taking the time to dig out some smoked cheese so I left the last 3 naked.

    Threw them on the Duo - charcoal side of course.

    And done.

    I will get a couple feedings from these. Again please excuse the sloppiness - I was in "get things done" mode.

    Here is the butt I started with for the buckboard bacon. I am doing it in the vac tumbler again so I can get it to him quick. I am doing it the same way as I did here.

    Be back again shortly...
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. I deboned the butt.

    And split it into 2 pieces.

    Each piece was injected with 8 oz. of brine & put into the vac tumbler with an additional 8 oz. of brine.

    Here is the first piece tumbling.

    Looking down into the canister. This is all the brine that was left after a total of 2 hours tumbling.

    Here is the second piece in the tumbler. It is still tumbling. I will be back once it finishes.

    To be continued...
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  7. Second piece is done tumbling now.

    Here are both pieces in the brine bucket. They are in the fridge & will stay there overnight then get washed off & start pellicle formation tomorrow.

    Once I have the brine bucket freed up tomorrow I will start on the dried beef & post pics of that process.

    Here's a teaser pic of my ham till tomorrow.

    To be continued...
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  8. woodcutter

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    Glad to hear your Grandfather was able to come. That cured ham is really beautiful! I'm still thinking hard about getting a tumbler after reading your BBB threads.
  9. Thanks Todd  [​IMG]  he can't eat much at a time without feeling sick so might as well make sure he gets the good stuff to eat  [​IMG]

    Thanks - I'm VERY pleased with the way the ham turned out [​IMG]   

    I think you would be happy with one if you got it. Dave ordered one so maybe he will give his thoughts once he uses it a few times...
  10. dirtsailor2003

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    Jeremy glad to hear that your grandpa is back at home! With all that good food your fixing up for him I bet he'll mend up right quick and not need to go back!

    That ham is awesome, di you post somewhere the process you used?
  11. beeflover

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    U are one busy person!
  12. kathrynn

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    OMGoodness!  [​IMG]

  13. Thanks Case I'm hoping  [​IMG]   [​IMG]

    Thanks  [​IMG]    It turned out great!  [​IMG]    My pap really likes it & I'm gonna take him some more over a little bit later. I do it a little different than Tom & I didn't make a thread on it yet because I wasn't gonna bust it out till the holidays. All my pics of the curing & hanging/aging are on a different memory card I need to dig out.
  14. It's my pap - I'm gonna do whatever I can to keep him happy  [​IMG]
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  15. Is that good or bad Kat?  [​IMG]
  16. kathrynn

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    I am sooooo hanging around to see what you are doing.....LOVE IT!

  17. mr t 59874

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    Your ham looks very good.  Will be anxious to see and compare our procedures. It's been a long wait watching four of them.   Did you use your Grandfathers recipe?

  18. I am so impressed by the time and love you are putting into making sure Pap is a happy man now that he is home.

    I'm sure he will love and appreciate all that you are doing! Nice job!

    I knew you had to be from PA, OH or thereabouts when I saw "For my Pap". That's what we called our grandpa too and I grew up in OH. 
  19. s2k9k

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    Everything is looking Great Jeremy!!!
    About how big were those 2 pieces of BBB?
    My tumbler should be here Thursday and I will mainly use it on my quest for no/low salt jerky to speed up the process and hopefully get flavors to infuse it the meat without the use of salt. Not sure if there's any BBB in my future was just wonder how big so I get an idea of what will fit.
    That ham looks Awesome but I want to see the inside of it!
  20. disco

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    Wow, I can't believe I missed this thread. Great food, great techniques. Great Qview and best of all, making food for your family. I wish the best to your grandfather and thank you for this post.


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