Timberjack's Smoked Spice

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  1. For the last few years the wife and I have been going to the Brainerd, Minnesota area for the great golf. Just north of Brainerd is a little town called Pequot Lakes, which is home to a great BBQ joint called Timberjack's. Every time we go we buy all we can get of their Smoked Spice. I don't know what's in there besides salt and a bit of sugar and the flavour from the smokehouse, and they're not telling, but it is mighty, mighty good!

    I mix up my own rubs, jumping off from recipes by Ted Reader, Steven Raichlen and others, but now I mix those rubs with some Timberjack's and it makes them even better. 

    So, if there are any members from northern Minnesota who happen to be skilled in espionage - what's in that spice?!

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