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  1. Hey All, Many of you may have been up to Bishop Ca over the years and have been to Mahogany Smoked Meats. Well I am trying to make the Indian Jerky they sell there without the MSG. But I am really having a hard time figuring out what type of meat that they use for that Jerky. I have sent them emails and such and they will not tell me. They just keep sending me order forms for their jerky. I know they are having a hard time getting the Wood they use because of state regulations, I was told this by a local guy up at June Lake last year when I went fishing. So now many of their Jerky types are being process by a company in Fresno I think. The ham and bacon are still being made there in Bishop. Any help or ideas would be appreciated! I think their website is smoked meats dot com now, if you want to look at the indian jerky to help identify what it is.Their prices are ridiculous! 

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  3. I tried to send the link but the form edited it out so here it is in word form...smokedmeats DOT com
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    Mahogany smoked meats does not make the Indian beef jerky they sell. Enjoy Foods, International ( sells it to them. 1 Lb Old Fashion Black Jerky is the kind you are looking for. It sells for $25.50lb plus shipping.
    Address:Enjoy Foods International
    1433 Miller Drive
    Colton, CA 92337
    Phone:(909) 823-2228
    (909) 355-1573

    I don't know if they will tell you any trade secrets. Good Luck with that.

    Mahogany smoked meats doesn't sell the Indian jerky anymore.

    I confirmed with Enjoy Foods that they were the maker and distributor of the Indian beef jerky that Mahogany was selling. Mahogany smoked meats was very unhelpful in my quest to find out who made it for them.

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