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  1. was wondering if it'S better to have 2 thermometer, one for the meat and one for the oven, or just one for the meat as the heat of the oven should eventually get to the meat

    might be stupid question but wondering anyhow.

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    I'd much rather know the temp of the smoker at grate level. Then just check the internal temp of the meat from time to time with a probe thermometer. Of course once you get the hang of smoking different sizes of certain meats you know approximately when to check the temps....

    For example: Today I smoked a 13 pound pork butt and didn't bother checking the internal temp of the meat for 12 hours because I knew that my pit was maintaining 225 degrees at the grate and it wasn't going to be done any sooner than that.
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    IMHO, if ya know for a fact your smoker temp (I have a pellet grill & have verified the temp holds) ..... But the therm I bought is a dual probe, one for the meat & one for the smoker temp but the one for smoker temp also works as another probe as well. I bought a Maverick ET-732 & it's great ! I often use it for a dual probe therm.
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    Kal Good Evening

    I highly recommend that you get dual probe thermometer. You'll have much better control over your cooking when you know the smoker temp and the internal temp of your meat. Knowing those 2 thing will bring your barbecue to the next level and take the guess work out of the equation. 

     Many here (myself included ) use the Maverick unit. 

    Hope that helps

  5. thanks a lot guys i'll try to get my hands on a  dual probe then. smoker should be up and running next week-end so i'll post some picture, and surely, more question.
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    Here's another toy to have on hand ,
    Thermoworks instant read probe.

     and the Maverick ET732 < I have two of these and my son has my extra Thermo. probe.

    I make a habit of doing a water Boil AND an Icewater check to calibrate my therms. before each cook. I also take out the batteries as another precaution. Good equipment needs good care , these are good equipment.

    I keep my Therms. in an Ammo box  for even more protection ; I drop stuff an lot ,LOL.

    Have fun and . . .

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