Summer sausage in muslin bags.

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  1. Hello from Ontario.

    Well last night I finally decided to try my luck at making summer sausage in a muslin bag. Unfortunately, there is nowhere in my small northern ontario town where i can get these without ordering online. I decided to make my own. Went and bought a yard of unbleached muslin and started cutting the rough shape. After a short lesson on using the wife's sewing machine, i ended up with some pretty rough but usable casing.

    Mixed up a 3 pound batch of summer sausage and added ECA. Had enough meat to stuff a nice size chub. I was really impressed by the way the muslin turned out after stuffing

    My goal is to smoke the SS using my Bradley digital with a blend of apple, cherry, sweet maple and hickory pellets with the amnps instead of the Bradley pucks. I seem to get better TBS and better flavour with it. Gonna put in the preheated smoker at 120f for a couple of hours to make sure it's dry. Then up to 140f with smoke. I'm looking for a heavy smoke flavour so I will be smoking it for 8 to 10 hours. Also want to hang this chub to dry in a cool place after it is fully cooked.. I'm hoping the ECA will lower the ph enough to prevent spoilage.

    He she is drying in the smoker.

    Gonna be a long night. Hopefully the cabinet temp can reach 170f during this cold snap. -22f over night.

    Happy smoking

    More pics to come.
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  2. I
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  3. stanjk

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    Did you use a cure in the sausage? If you did there should be no worries about spoilage. 

    Oh, and nice job on the muslin bags.
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    OS,looking good !
  5. I did use cure #1. Its smells amazing right now while she's blooming. Will post pics when i get back from ice fishing. Got 4 whitefish to smoke now!
  6. We'll. she's all cooled down and smelling even betters. Now all that's left it's to hang in my cold room with a fan for a few days. I hope the casing doesn't stick.
  7. crankybuzzard

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    Looking forward to the results of this one!
  8. stanjk

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    What was your recipe?
  9. sam3

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    Very cool that you made your own bags. Can't wait to see the finish!
  10. The recipe is a sausage mix from Walton's. I bought it before I was confident enough to make my own. Now I have a million recipes from this site but unfortunately I have to use up enough mix for 100 pounds of If the smoke penetration and texture turns out, I will try this recipe.


    5 pounds ground venison

    2 tablespoons TenderQuick

    2 teaspoons mustard seed

    2 1 /2 teaspoons garlic salt

    2 1 /2 teaspoons black pepper

    1 cup cold water

    DIRECTIONS; Stir water, tender quick, mustard seed, garlic salt, and black pepper in a large plastic bowl. Add venison and mix well. Stuff into bags and refrigerate for 1 to 2 days. Smoke in a smoker until internal temperature reaches 165.

    I will be adding encapsulated citric acid to give me the tang and to make it shelf stable. The ECA also gives me a bit of reassurance that it won't spoil while I let it hang unrefridgerated.
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  11. Well ? I'm hungry, where's the pics ?

  12. Will be cutting this bad boy up on Thursday. Stay tuned for mouth watering pics. :yahoo:
  13. Well, I couldn't wait any longer so i decided to give it a try. Great flavour and really good smoke penetration:xrocker: I will definitely be using muslin instead of fibrous casings from now on. Oh, and the muslin peeled off nicely.
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    That looks great.

    Something I want to try.

  15. That looks great


  16. sam3

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    That looks really good. Nice job!
  17. roller

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    Looks real good...
  18. chef willie

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    Dang,,,,,that DOES look good. Now I gotta get a hold of some muslin bags but, I've got about 20 non-edibles to use up still. I am a fan of Waltons, although have never bought their mixes. Their hog casings are excellent.....Willie
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    Hey Willie.....   I bought 2 yds of non-bleached muslin for about $7 at w-m a couple weeks ago... fairly tight weave....   washed and preshrunk...  I think it was 54 wide.....

    I'm gonna use some of it to strain the oil in my deep fryer... 
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    That looks amazing. Never heard of it. How do you sterilize the museline?

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