smoking ribs for a office party tomorrow help

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  1. I'm smoking 3 racks of ribs for a office party tomorrow and will finish them tonight around 9pm and the luncheon is around 11:30am tomorrow. What's the best way to not let them dry out too much? I have 3 crock pots to keep them warm tomorrow but I have to cut the ribs home ahead of time since we can't bring "scary sharp objects"to work anymore. My pocket knife is even outlawed :( I have access to microwaves and a refrigerator at work but I thought cooling them here at home and throwing them in some slow cookers covered in sauce might keep them the best. Not submerged in sauce but coated. Please give me your best suggestions. Thanks ya'll
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    When they are done, I would foil & let rest 1/2 hr & put in the fridge... Then in the morning, I'd heat them back up still in foil & once warmed up, can ya toss em in a small cooler lined with towels & another towel or two on top of em ? That'd keep them warm til the lunch ! Just an idea, maybe someone else will have a better solution, but I think this is what I'd do !
  3. That is almost exactly what I would do, with one additional step. For Thanksgiving I did a small turkey roll to take with us to my parents, four hours away. Not being sure if it would hold the heat being it was small, I took an empty milk jug and filled it with as hot as water as I could without damaging the jug. I placed the jug inside the blankets with the turkey. Four hours later it was still too hot to hold barehanded.

    Smoke it up.
  4. Thanks guys unfortunately my coolers were borrowed somewhere around summertime and never returned. Bastards! ! Lol. Do you all think that cutting them and wrapping them in plastic wrap, still together in their original order as ribs so the sides aren't exposed to air, will help them stay moist? I'm using Jeff's rub but some good ol Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. They are smoking now and I decided to throw about 18 ABTs on there to cook as well. Does anyone know if I can leave them seran wrapped in a slow cooker on low without melting the wrap? I could add a little water to the crocker to even out the heating element.

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