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    G,day peoples . at last i get a chance to do some Q , its sunday and i am doing a rack of pork ribs in the old weber .its the first chance ive had to do any Q for about 3 weeks and i need the fix .
    i have been as busy as a one legged man in a bottom kicking competion latley.
    jeffs rub and pecan smoke , probably just do some cajun taters to go with them.
    i just fixed the car window winder , now while the Q is cooking i am going to make some bread , just cook that in the gas oven rather than the bread maker because i want to do a couple of big round loaves cobs we call them , i dont want the standard little square ones my bread maker makes .
  2. Sounds good!! Post some pics too!
    How are you making your taters?
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    for the taters i just part boil them , then let them cool enough to handle and cut them into cubes about half an inch square , then put them in a foil tray sprinkle with some olive oil stir them a bit to coat them , then add some spices , normaly sage ,garlic powder, onion powder , rosemary , thyme , salt , and a little pepper , then into the smoker for an hour or so . my wife likes them better than any of the meat , nothing wrong with the meat she just loves the taters.

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