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    Hey, I just got a Masterbuilt 40" Smoker last month. It's the one with the glass door. I only got around to setting it up yesterday! I'm smoking a Beef roast right now. What should I do to smoke 2 racks of ribs? I've got a spritzer and Apple Juice. I've done Ribs indirectly on the BBQ before. I would rub both sides with Mustard and put it on. I've done them well once. The other times I tried on there they were too Rubbery. So I want to know the instructions with using Apple juice to make juicy Ribs. I don't necessarily need to use a rub if I just use BBQ sauce. (Not sure if that's sacrilege on here) I want to make fall off the bone ribs that are not dry.
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    I just saw the 3-2-1 method. Basically, I'd put them in the Smoker for 3 hours, wrap tightly in foil with Apple juice for two hours, and put the BBQ sauce on and cook for 1 more hour in the Smoker. Is this the method people like the most? I saw a recipe that says you could either put it in the smoker for the 2 part, or cook it in your oven for that part. Also, do you dry smoke or wet smoke Ribs? I accidentally am dry smoking my round beef roast. (Oops, it's my first time)
  3. We are using different smokers, so I can't be of any specific help there... but maybe you can find some useful input regarding fall-off-the-bone ribs here (it's mostly all about the foil wrapping stage which is the middle step in the 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 method's)



    Best of luck with your smoke, remember to take some pic's and post up some Q.View! [​IMG]  
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    Thanks, I'll read the thread.
  5. Just did ribs today. I usually smoke them around 235-240 degrees. With baby backs I like to do 2.5, foil with some apple juice for 2 hours, and the final hour for firm up. I remove the membranes, coat in mustard then rub before smoking.
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    So you do 3-2.5-1?
  7. 2.5-2-1
  8. You put the apple juice in the foil with the ribs?
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    Most people use apple juice and I used too until recently I went with this method and the wife said never change it again.  It is a basic 3-2-1 recipe but as you read down there is a part labeled the advanced 3-2-1 method, it's not really advanced but the wife loved it.  Instead of apple juice it uses the meats natural juices to steam the ribs.

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  10. FYI The apple juice spritz does not make the ribs juicier or more moist, it is there to help with a layer of flavor. If you add it to foil you will be braising with apple juice.
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    So if I smoke spare ribs at 225-235 4-5 hrs of smoke, then foil wrap for another 3 hrs finishing them with sauce for 30mins should they fall off bone? Also what IT should they be at when I take them off? Thanks
  12. That's probably WAY too long of a cooking time... the rough starting point for smoking  spare ribs @ 225* is the 3-2-1 method (approximate total cooking time = 6 hours)... it's the middle # "2" that represents how much time they are wrapped in foil (usually with butter or juice or both), and this is the step that gives you the "fall off bone" tenderness. You will most likely want to play around with adjusting the cooking time of each stage once you get more comfortable with a couple smoke sessions under your belt...  for example, maybe 3-1.5-1.5 or possibly 4-1-1 may produce something closer to your own personal desired results.

    Regarding IT: generally ribs don't get checked for temperature, but instead they get the "bend test" to confirm doneness.

    Try the standard 3-2-1 method first and go from there. Good luck!
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  13. The 3-2-1 method is to smoke for three hours wrap in foil for 2 hours and remove from foil an continue to cook for another hour to firm up the ribs.

    As for all off the bone I personally do not want to have rib meat slap me on my chin. I aim for the clean bite firmness. Where you take a bite with minimal effort , and only the meat you bit comes off while the rest remains, and the bone releases the meat clean inside the bite radius. Not the best example but gives an idea what I am trying to say. 

    Ribs are not an IT kind of meat cook. The bend test is what most use. Bend test: Pick up with tongs starting from end of rack almost but not halfway.  (Like below I know this guy is using a gloved hand)

    Good luck!
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    Nice! That's what I'm looking for.
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    Here are the results. I did a kind of whacky variation of 3-2-1 because I had less time than I thought. I cooked it less than 3-2 but I smoked it for about the full 1 part, but it worked out fine anyways! I  upped the temps in the oven to 260 F and 275F on the final hour, and did it around 225 F the first 2.5 hours. I put about 1/2 cup of Apple juice in each foil when I cooked them.

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    Nice, well done I plan to try that method of 3-2-1 thank you guy for awesome pictures and instructions!
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    Just to clarify, I only put them in the oven at 260F for 1.5-2 hours, not 2.5 hours, and then after that I put them back in the smoker for the last hour.
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  20. No need to use the oven at all. Do it all in the smoker! Looks good!

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