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  1. Gonna be starting a RF build out of a 320 gal propane tank that measures 30" dia by 96" long. My question is would it be better to have 2 doors vs. 1 because of the weight? And how big should i make the doors? How do you decide the placement of the doors, where do you star the measurements? Thanks
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    I don't like to have my doors go below center due to the drip factor. 

    So the top of my doors are real close or above top center and just above the front center. 

    For length, its personal choice. Sometimes two doors is nice but you have a divider in the center, unless its removable.

    I have been toying with the idea of using a torsion spring (like on a garage door)  to assist the doors. This could be risky or even dangerous if not preformed properly.

    I feel that this could be a new grove as far as door assist. 

    But please, if you take this route, Use Extreme Caution. 

    Once I have built one myself I will post a new thread about it. I have a few to many irons in the fire right now to jump on it but it is in the future. 
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  3. Thanks for the reply Tom37. That info will help with my door placement. I think i will go with 1 door.

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