Places to buy sausage seasonings?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by lennyluminum, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Can you all please give me a list of the places you buy sausage seasoning mixes from?
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    I just make my own. But you can buy it from lots of place. Just do an internet search.
  4. I have bought from Butcher & Packer for years. Love their products.
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    I've been using A.C. Legg Old Plantation brand purchased from ColumbiaSpice.
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  6. My local grocery store. Or the meat market down the road. Sorry. OK. How about Miller Scale in ft Wayne. Mail ordered lots from them starting out. Oh and that cool place in Treasure Island by Sunset Beach. Oops no that was something else. No worry. You have beaches, IRL, Dali, West Marine, baseball and not to far an awesome Blackened Grouper Sandwich. You can order some spices with a smile. What you looking for?
  7. I can second AC Legs. I have used both #114 and #116 with great results. Try Miller Scale.
  8. I buy mine at my local TSC store.  They Carry LEM products.
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    We are fortunate to have a grocery store that has plenty to choose from, here are a few others we use products from.

    - Curley's Sausage Kitchen
    - Owens BBQ
    - Sausage Maker
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    You might try Butchers & Packers they are purty good folks, I go to them for a lot of stuff.

    American Spice has a big variety but they are awfully proud of their stuff, if ya know what I mean.
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    your local butcher shop/slaughter house, they will sell you there spice mix if you ask, theyll sell you all kinds of casings also.  sams club/costco/restaraunt supply has a great variety of spices, but why not just mix your own, why limit yourself to pre-packaged measures, use your own custom blend.  theres are a ton of great recipes with measures on this forum.[​IMG]
  12. I was just wanting to look are the different sites to see what all they offer. seems like i find 1 or 2 mixes at each place that are good or that I want to try.
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    I like a few different ones

    PS Seasonings


    Eldons Sausage

    Butcher Packer

    The sausage maker


    Go to these this should keep you busy drooling for a while, have fun and let us know what ones you like and came up with.
  14. For jerky seasoning check out hi mountain.

    For fresh sausage seasonings, sticks, summer, casings etc, check The Sausage Maker and PS seasoning.
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    LOL..... I made sausage last night (first time & will stuff today), the light bulb above my head went off. Most places that make commercial sausage now will sell you their spice mixture. They no longer mix there own here and go thru commercial mixers/blenders and get the mixed spices in 100 pound pkgs. If you ask they usually have 10 and 100lb bags for sale.

    For instance: Deep South Brand

    I had to chase down their new page for their own brand

    You need to have the product number for what you want. This keeps the spice blends secrets and the end users in charge of who can buy. Can you say "proprietary"? 

    BTW WoW! I just went back to the Deep South site, they have just put up a new website with little or no info what so ever. I am so happy I already have the main spice #'s I wanted. My favorite sausage, and my mostest favorite ever made Andouille! I bet everyone in Louisiana would recognize the label.

    Anyway if you find something you like, don't be afraid to simply ask the manufacturer, that is how I got this. 'Course after 50+ years of eating their sausage helped too....LOL
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    light bulb went off.  lol.  wonder where you got that from
  18. just made 25 lbs of there Maple breakfast sausage (50/50 venison and ground pork butt) and it was the best I have ever had. There Cajun is great also. You wont be disappointed in any of there sausage blends.
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     Wassis meats make their own seasonings, no preservatives and really good. Also make a whole varity that is salt free for those who cannot have salt in their diet.
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