NOW IT HAS PICS....Butchers hint for pork

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jeepnmatt, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Went to my buddy's meat counter today and he gave me a hint most of you may have heard. He told me to just cook until you can gently remove the bone. Let me tell you it works, the shoulder fell apart on the way to the pan! I have some pics on my phone of it smoking and I can tell you (not trying to brag) it is some of the best I have ever ate!! I didn't even pull it hardly! even more tender than the best steak I ever ate!
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    That is the standard for tasty, tender pork. Glad it worked out well for ya!  Let's see some Q-view!!
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    I agree got to have the PIX[​IMG]
  6. You guys are harsh!!!![​IMG] HERE ARE THE PICS sorry all i have is a phone and little computer knowledge


    On the smoker


    Random picture of smoke

    AND........... FINAL fell apart no need to pull![​IMG]

    Made it for everybody who had to work with me on easter, about 7.5lbs and it was GONE in a half hour from 4 people
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    Looks like it has some nice Bark and Pulled Pretty Good... Nice Job...
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