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    So I haven't done a project in a while and after my girlfriend got on me at the last comp about my site being very unorganized I thought I would build a table that is used as a storage place as well. After coming up with a basic design I decided to add a folding bar section and then I found a stainless steel mini fridge in my sisters garage. Thought I would take it off of her hands and throw that in the table as well. Once I got it all together I reached out to a local marketing group that was happy to reverse print my team logo's on the back of acrylic for the top. let me know what you guys think

    Front of table. 3 slide out plastic drawers. one wooden drawer with self closing slides. storage for foil pans under drawer. mini fridge on right

    The top of the table with folding bar up on the back side

    Side table folded down. Sorry the picture isn't that great

    These are the Heavy duty folding hinges used in the marine industry. They each hold 300lbs. There is one on each side and I am going to put another in the middle. When you lean on it the middle bows a little bit

  2. :Looks-Great:
  3. Awesome Job.  Post some pics of you at the Competition using it!!!

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