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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by chilicook, May 28, 2008.

  1. Hi folks ! Just dropping by to say howdy. I'm new to this forum , So I thought I drop in and introduce myself. My name is Larry , I'm retired, and enjoy all sorts of thing's, from cooking competive chili, to Live theater ,wood working, travel, and of course grilling,BBQing and smoking. I'm not a complete stranger to the grill, I work part time at " Granny and Pappas BBQ" here in town ( Visalia, Ca ) , Smoking ribs, chicken, turkey, and tri-tip ( or ball-tip to some). my goal here is to find the "world's" greatest reciept for smoked salmon

    I hope to find this forum useful and informative. I also hope to add some information from time to time

  2. richtee

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    Hia Larry! Lots of folks here do salmon. Sorry to say...most of it seems to great?!? LOL! Guess you'll need to fill us in on what YOU think it should be, then...well, I bet someone here has it!

    Welcome at any rate...what smoker do you use personally? And a grill is not a smoker...usually..with a few exceptions ;{)
  3. Thanks for the welcome Richtee! I seem to be BBQ poor ! LOL Anything from my deep pit to my Brinkman smoker For the most part when I'm grilling steaks , and chops, burgers, and lamb( indrect heat ) I use my "Bar B Chef" from Bar B Ques Glore and ONLY using oak wood. For smoking I use my little ol' rinkie-dink Brinkman gas smoker for pork butt with apple wood, turkey with cherry wood and 7-up in the water tray, and pork ribs using 1/2 Mesquite 1/2 Hickory, and of course salmon with alder, which I find works pretty well. But my ATF is a turkey on the rotissier(SP) with an injectable marinade and cherry wood chunks as a light smoke

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    welcome to the forum, sounds like a lot of input could be coming from your end with your expierience. looking forward to hearing from you. enjoy
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    Welcome to the forum remeber we like qview [​IMG]
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    Glad you jioned Larry. Welcome.
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    Welcome Chilicook. Hope we can help turn your BBQ POOR into BBQ PRO. As soon as you figure out how to keep the chili from running through the grates, let me know. Smoked chili sounds great.
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    Glad to see you came aboard.
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    Welcome Larry,
    when you find that recipe make sure you share it with the rest of us!!
  10. Ya know ! you just gave me a brillant idea here ! I wonder how a smoked sirloin roast would be cut into cubes and made in to chili ?? do you think the smoke flavor would be over powering ?? something to ponder perhaps ! I just might have to experiment a bit.

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    Well I've used smoked meat in my chili before it definately added a new element of flavor to it. I'm not a competition chili maker myself so I would assume you would have a more refined pallet for chili. But I thought the spices I added balanced with the smoked meat made it really good.

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