i tried the bacon wrapped chicken

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by preacherman1, Mar 25, 2011.

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     this past monday i tried the bacon wrapped chicken.  It turned out great.  I fixed about 12 breasts and my family ate 6 I took the rest to work hoping somebody would dare try some I came home the next morning with an empty plate.  One guy commented and I quote " It was like an orgy in my mouth:"  I just hope that is good thing HAHA
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    Maybe a little more information than you needed LOL!I made some about a year ago.I pounded out the breasts and filled them with ham and swiss cheese,wrapped in bacon.Good stuff!
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    Sorry I had to be the one to say it! 
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    Yep. This is true.
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    What they said!!!![​IMG]But, since you're new to the neighborhood..........I'll just say welcome aboard.
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    hey preacherman1 , you forgot to tell us times and temp , we want to know everything , when something works we want to know how you did it
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    Sounds good[​IMG]

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