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  1. Hi, been on the site but still a newbie at all this. I bought a 8.5 pork loin (not tenderloin) at costco and want some ideas on how to smoke this bad boy in my MES for Easter. Having the whole clan over. How long and at what temp ????? Also I think i need to cut it in half so that I can fit it on 2 different racks...just seems too big for one rack. I was thinking apple wood. What type of rub would be good. We are planning on more of a Lebanese/Mediterranean theme so we are having hummus, olive spread, tobouli, etc. please give me all your thoughts and advice on this.
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    Best advice I can give is watch the internal temp and pull it at 140°-145°. Then let it rest for 20-30 minutes. As for rubs, to go with your theme I'd use cumin, garlic, oragano and Rosemary. Maybe a dash of allspice as well for a touch of earthiness. Good luck!
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    Exactly that!

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