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  1. Just dove into the smoking meat gig with dismall results. Smoked some egg's and pickled them with garlic, onion and jalapeños. Turned out excellent. Next was some cold smoked cheese. Turned out inedible. Colour was good, let set for 8 weeks tasted like acid. Tried some hamburgers and again very strong taste. Have been told that am adding to much smoke? Your thoughts?
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    Too much heavy smoke. You want thin blue smoke, not thick white smoke.

     There is a saying "If you can smell the smoke so can the meat", which means you don't have to see a lot of smoke to give the meat a good smoke flavor.

  3. Hi and welcome to the site.  Like Al says thin blue smoke is best.  I over smoked my first attempts, don't be afraid to under smoke, it'll still be edible.  Then just put a little more to it each smoke till you get it right.  With smoke a little goes a long way.  Hope this helps, keep on smokin.
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    ^^^^What Al & Jasper said. ^^^^

    I put smoke on just about everything the whole time the meat is in my MES, but I keep the smoke pretty light to medium. Never Heavy!!!

    Many hours of light smoke is a good thing, but even a short time of Heavy smoke can be bad !!

  5. Next week a brisket attempt. Read some of the threads and seen the pic's of the finished smoke. Interesting in this neck of the woods you never see brisket but managed to find a butcher order me one in.
  6. Welcome aboard Muzz don't forget the pics !  [​IMG]

  7. My first attempt at a brisket. 11 hours in smoker, smoke off arter 3 hours. After 4 hour stall temp went from 150 to 175 and did not climb for a hour. Took it out and let rest a hour. Meat was juicy with a good bark. Not pink on inside or super tender. Believe if I left it in any longer to bring temp up to the 190 area I would have dried it out.
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