Frank Underwoods combination pork rub

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  1. This is a simple Gaffney South Carolina recipe passed onto us by Frank Underwood.

    28 oz canned or fresh peach halves puréed, 28 oz spicy brown mustard.

    If using fresh peaches add a 4 oz water or apple juice

    Combine and rub pork liberally


    2 cup white sugar

    1 cup brown sugar

    2 cup salt

    3 packets of onion soup dry mix

    4 oz paprika

    2 tablespoon rubbed sage

    Give a good coating on pork after the peach mustard mixture

    Smoke low and slow
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  2. 3montes

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    Sounds interesting. First of all who is Frank Underwood? 28ounces of mustard? That's a lot of mustard! Are you using the peaches/mustard as a slather are you using this on loins, roasts, chops? I like the ingredients.
  3. smokinal

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    I agree, it sounds interesting.

  4. pabstman80

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    I think I might have to play with this one. Sounds good.
  5. atomicsmoke

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    I would rather try Freddy Hayes' recipes (Frank's rib expert friend). :)
  6. Freddy closed so now frank uses his recipe to smoke on the white house lawn. I use this on butts and shoulders as it gives a good thick bark. I need to edit my post as its 28 oz of canned peaches to 28 oz  mustard.

    This recipe coats around 50 lb of meat. Be careful tho as you may not buy honey mustard any more. My wife uses this to dip finished wings and chicken fingers in.

    I currently have 38 lb of butts running and preparing to smoke another 40 lb of chicken for a dinner tomorrow.

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