Finally built my curing cabinet

Discussion in 'Curing' started by 502meat, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. 502meat

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    After a year of sitting in my garage I finally drug this True Merchandiser down to my basement and wired it up with the help of a good friend.  Big thanks to xutfuzzy for the inspiration.  I'm running a Johnson Controls A419 for temp control and a Green Air THC-1 for humidity controls.  I've not cut a hole for a circulation fan yet.  I'm going to try just opening the door for air exchange for a bit.  If it doesn't work out I'll break out a saw.  I'll post up some of the build pictures later.  A friend is slaughtering 13 heritage breed hogs next month so it's going to get full real fast.

  2. Is your friend in search of more friends in the Chicago area? I could sure use a friend like that for salami making endeavors!!! 
  3. 502meat

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    Oh I've pretty much ruined him for you.  He has no interest in ever helping me out with something like that again.  It's a heavy SOB and it took lots of sweating, mashed body parts, and cussing to get that thing in the basement. 
  4. Oh I wasn't talking about the chamber...which is real nice btw! You're gonna get some good use out of that. I was talking about the amazing pork product your about to be getting [​IMG]

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