Chicken Cordon Twist Fattie???

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by v8trdude, May 16, 2014.

  1. Got Jeff's weekly email yesterday about the stuffed chicken breasts. At one point it mentions Chicken cordon blue, something I haven't made in a long time. Well last night my missus had a bowling outing with her social club from work, so I figured it was a perfect time to experiment. Stopped in to the grocer on the way home to pick up some supplies, but unfortunately, my butcher was leaving just as I pulled in. Wanted to grab some fresh ground chicken, but with no butcher, ended up grabbing some 1lb packages off the shelf. Also grabbed some swiss cheese, sweet chorizo sausage, and broccoli. Got home and started the prep.

    Mixed in some smokehouse maple seasoning with the chicken for a bit more flavour. Unfortunately, I think the chicken had been ground down a couple of times, as I found it got way to soft and sticky when trying to roll it out. I may be wrong, but just my impression as the only thing I had ever done was fried it. Finally got it mixed and rolled out, with a lot of trips back into the freezer to stiffen up a bit. Put down a light layer of SPOG, swiss cheese, chopped up broccoli florets, and chopped chorizo.

    Gave it a roll

    Bacon weave ready

     One more final roll

     Gave it a quick chill to firm everything back up, a final spicing and  then set it to some 215*ish heat

    And ended up with this finished product. Didn't get the pretty swirl I have seen on a lot of other fatties on this forum, but really loved the taste. Missus was extremely pleased and said I could definitely cook this again for her..

    Hope you all enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend
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    That looks great!!
  3. knifebld

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    That looks really good! Was the broccoli soft after the smoke?
  4. Thanks...I'll take for a first attempt

    Thanks...Yes..didn't leave big chunks, and came out like steamed broccoli, not mushy

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