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Discussion in 'Canning & Storage' started by salmonclubber, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. salmonclubber

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    saturday night a friend called me up asked if i wanted some tuna i said sure he gave me five albacore tuna that he caught off the washington coast so on sunday i canned tuna all day i got 53 pints out of it three jars did not seal so will eat tuna in my lunch for a few days
  2. bbq bubba

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    Cool!!! Detail's, pic's [​IMG]
  3. zapper

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    Ask any tuna you happen to see...

    Sorry, I couldn't help myself[​IMG]
  4. deejaydebi

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    Chicken of the sea .... [​IMG]

    Man that alot of tuna! Good friend ya got there! 53 pints good show!
    How do you can tuna Huey? Do you cook it first or does the canning process cook it?
  5. bwsmith_2000

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    Now that's what I call a real friend! Love that tuna.
  6. salmonclubber

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    i filleted the tuna and removed the blood line cut the tuna into jar sized pieces stuffed raw tuna into jars added a half teaspoon of table salt put into pressure cooker at 10 psi for 1 hour 40 min the tuna cooks in the pressure cooker it is better then anything you can buy in a store
  7. Try using garlic salt and toss in a slice of jalapeno if you like that kind of thing... On a side note I like kosher salt... It seems to have a cleaner flavor. Table salt has iodine and it throws off the saltiness a little.
  8. alblancher

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    Beautiful fish, I would sure like to have some of those fillets vacupacked and sitting in my freezer.

    BTW we never used iodized salt when canning.  The iodine makes the canning liquids cloudy.  You can use any non-iodized salt.  Canning salt is ground a bit finer but non-iodized table salt is fine.


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