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Discussion in 'Beef' started by grimm5577, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I have not had much success with smoking a brisket in the past. After more research and looking into my process I found I was pulling the brisket too soon. Well yesterday I promised myself that I was going to have a successful brisket and so I did. I started off with a 7lbs flat. I didn't trim anything from it, I just gave the meat side a good rub with my brisket dry rub (a more sugar based rub). I put the brisket on the smoker fat cap up at around 11am, smoker temp was 250*. I used Kingsford Briquettes with Mesquite and Cherry wood.

    About 2 hours in, It's taking on a really nice color.

    Brinkmann Trailmaster holding temps well across the chamber.

    After about 8 hours, smoker still holding temp well, by now the  brisket had been wrapped in foil and then unwrapped sitting inside an aluminum pan. The brisket stalled at 160* for about 2 hours and then finally moved on.

    I pulled the brisket at around 7:30pm and let it rest for about 2 hours.

    After a 2 hour rest.

    Not a bad smoke ring.

    The brisket was fall apart tender, super delicious and still plenty moist. A Brisket Success story!

    Thanks to all that have guided me along.
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  2. pgsmoker64

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    That is one fantastic looking brisket!!!

    Great job Grimm.  I love a good success story.

    Also, really nice job on the q-view.

  3. dutch

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    See? Hardly nothing to it~Just gotta have the patience to wait it out and remember to feed the smoker.

    Nice smoke ring~wishing I had some brisky to go with my breakfast!

    With a smoker that big, a whole packer brisket should be a piece of cake!
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  4. yea dutch it's really just knowing that you need to wait it out and let the brisket do what it needs to do. I can't wait for some brisky sandwiches for lunch.

    I'll probably try a packer again now that I got a success under my belt. Just didn't want to continue failing with such large pieces of meat.

    The other thing i need to work on is getting it started early enough to be able to enjoy that evening. Pulling it off the smoker at 7ish and waiting till 9ish while it rests gets a late dinner.
  5. seenred

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    Nice, Grimm! That is one delicious looking brisket! Congrats!

  6. bearcarver

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    That looks Absolutely Perfect!!!--------[​IMG]

    You knocked that one outta the park!!!

    I know what you mean too---We like to eat Supper around 5 PM-----We Old PA Dutch people are all like that !!

  7. oldschoolbbq

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    Nice , see , patience is a Virtue . Now go forth and conquer more...

    And if you didn't absorb the best, here it is again . . .
  8. daveomak

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    Brisket looks awesome....  Nice job....   [​IMG]  .....

  9. fwismoker

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    ditto that. 
  10. kathrynn

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    That brisket looks just wonderful!  Nice smoker....nice smoke ring!

    Great Job!

  11. Thanks Everyone! with out a lot of the tips and help from here I wouldn't have been able to find the flaw in my process.
  12. bruno994

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    Looks great Grimm.

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