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Discussion in 'Beef' started by navyjeremy, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Well I got tasked with cooking maybe 2-3 briskets, for our command picnic on Friday. My boss is going to give my off Thursday night. I am guessing that even with the GOSM small body and cutting the briskets in half it would not change the cooking time. I know, I know who cares about time we cook to temp. I have never done a brisket as I don't eat beef so I was just wondering. I have looked over Dutch's Sticky and I am going to look over it again later before bed in the morning. Any tips that any of you pros would give me would be a great help.

  2. the dude abides

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    Yikes, that's quite the task for your first brisket smoke.

    I'm not a brisket expert...but here's what I'd say (unless you can talk them into letting you do pulled pork)
    1) Let the meat do it's thing. It's gonna stall and you may get frustrated. Don't rush it.
    2) Make sure your thermometers are all calibrated.
    3) Read the sticky.
    4) Make sure you've got plenty of fuel before you get started.
    5) Read the sticky.
    6) Stay on the forum through your smoke and talk to people about what's going on. What you may think is normal or not normal, others with more experience will be able to coach you through it.

    Good luck man!
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    If you cut them up, it will decrease the time a little...but the best advice I could give to start you off, is to just make SURE you leave yourself plenty of time to cook! Briskets, pork butts, large roasts, etc...take the better part of a day to finish - when you do them right.

    Think of it like this: If you finish the briskets two hours can double or triple wrap them in heavy duty foil, put in a cooler with a couple old towels, and they will be piping hot and ready to slice or pull in two hours! However, if you DON'T get started early enough...well, you can't rush the process and end up with anything good.
  4. Thanks to both of you. I am looking at getting started on these around 1500 on Thursday and the picnic is not until i believe around noon. I am going to be working nights starting on Wednesday so staying up all night is not going to be an issue.....Cigars, Tv and Beer all on the porch. I will make sure to post everything that is going on as well. I am also going to make sure that I re-read the sticky.

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    And just one more for the the sticky [​IMG]
  6. hey one more question......

    I am supposed to read the sticky[​IMG]
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    First off read the sticky. Ok thats over What dude said was right the meat has a mind of it's own. It will stall just let it and your not doing anything wrong. The other thing with your thermometer is very important test it in boiling water, water boils at 210. So get a pot of water and put your thermometer in bring to a good boil and it should read 210-212. You have a GOSM it's small but it can be done. Are you slicing or pulling the brisket. Pulling I hope it is easier smoke it pull it freeze it then just re-heat in crock pot. The thing with forum is very true you can get anwsers right then (usually someone there) to all your question or just a pat on the back telling you your doing fine.
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    True dat! I'll never forget my first corned beef brisket. I was in a mild panic late at night. But erain, bmudd and ronp got me through it. And that was mostly it, a pat on the back. I can still hear them now..."just calm down, you're doing fine." "put down the charcoal and step away from the smoker."
  10. fire it up

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    Errrrr! Nothing worse than that plateau.
    Brisket I did not that long ago hit the plateau for about 3 hours, maybe 4 I don't remember now.
    It was teasing me too, went up a few degrees then back down, I could almost hear the meat laughing at me, I threatened it with more fire and heat but that is the last thing you want.
    Patience, a few more beers and steady heat, once it breaks that plateau you will be good to go.
  11. Well it turns out that they wanted 4 briskets done and they are now sitting in the smoker all in pans with temps going from 240-260. Hopefully they will be done in about 10-12 hours....they range from 5-7 pounds. Will post more pics later on.

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    What everyone else said.... And if you have guns, have somebody hide them so you don't shoot the smoker when those briskies stall out....[​IMG]
    And read the sticky again. I just had to say it.....[​IMG]

    Lookin forward to more qview and good luck!!!!
  13. the dude abides

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    Four! Sweet. Good luck man. We'll all be waiting for updated picts.
  14. quick question....since I am cooking them in pans do they need to be flipped. I know that I read in the sticky that some do and some don't, was just wondering which will taste better for all the guests
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    I haven't smoked mine in pans, but I don't flip them.
    I only open the smoker to spritz them with apple juice about every hour.
    Remember, that when you open the smoker you loose heat and prolong your cooking time.[​IMG]
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    Had me worried for a minute when you first mentioned 2 or 3 in a small GOSM...Yikes!!!

    5-7lb won't be too bad at all. You will find a need to rotate the rack positions (top to bottom, 2nd to 3rd) every couple hours, or when you add water/smoke get it all with one opening of the cabinet.

    On my last two brisky burns, I trimmed & seperated the point/flat, for an even faster smoke. It takes a bit more prep time before the applying your dry rub, but can reduce the cook time by about 35-40+ %. I've done this with excellent results on full packers of 11+ to 16-1/4 lbs (2-3 times your weights).

    This 16-1/4 lb smoked in 8-1/2 hours, and brased for 90 minutes (10 hours cooking time):

    Good luck! Keep us up to date on your progress. As stated above, lots of folks will be online to help you through it, so don't be shy.

    Happy smokes, Jeremy!

  17. Well I am about 2.5 hours in and we are sitting at 143 right now. Now as I understand there is no more need for smoke. Please correct me if I am wrong in ass-u-me that. My biggest fear is that I am going to fack them up and then I am going to the clown of my command.

    I am not to worried about the plateau because I once did a 4# boneless butt that took about 10-11 hours...I know sounds long but it was damn good and not burnt or anything.
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    Some keep the smoke going the whole time....I usually do too, just because I like the smell!!!
  19. Well just added some more chunks and here are some pics

    and here is what I am sitting at
  20. the dude abides

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    Tick tock

    looking good so far

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