brisket on the the new Traeger

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sloweredcivic, Jul 31, 2010.

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    I got up extra early and started a brisket at about 5 A.M. before work had the wife flip it about 5 hours in to the fatty side on the bottom and spritz it every few hours while I was at work. I love how easy this smoker is to run, I got home about 3 the brisket was at 190 so I pulled it off used a butter knife to slip between the fat cap and took off the point and cut it up to make some burnt ends!! Its resting in the cooler right now I don't know how much longer can I can take it!!

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    So who get the credit for smoking the brisket if it comes out really good???? I know it will be a collective smoke by you and the wife. So that means [​IMG][​IMG]you have to get double the score.
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    Which model is that? Excellent meal my friend. [​IMG]
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    Thanks I think I need to turn down the auger a bit it was at 240 when I got home, So I didn't get a chance to foil it.... So for the credit I will take the good and tell everyone she should have foiled it and it could have been more moist! LOL J/K She did a great job and for our first it turned out amazing!!  She had to turn it to get the boston butt in there and it kinda crispied up the ends where they were hanging off the drip tray, but once I got past that all I can say is WOW!!!! Really nice smoke ring I never used to get with my MES and the texture is perfect straight bite through with a bit of elasticity..... Next time I will use a home made rub I was short on time and this one was to sweet for my tastes, though I really liked my spritz ( Dr. Pepper, soy sauce, worchestir, and red stag cherry bourbon)


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