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  1. Is this the same thing as fresh ham? It's a $1.25/lb @ cash n carry in Eugene for a 16 lb case. Not sure how its portioned out. But I have a foodsaver so I wouldnt really care how they have it portioned.
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  3. On cool! I'll check it out!!
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    In the Meat Purveyor/Resturant Purchasing biz, a Leg is an uncured raw Back Leg. Beyond that, the Boneless cuts can be the entire leg, boned rolled and typically tied, actually netted, they run 8-10 pounds each. Or any combination of the musles that make up the back Leg. including, all the muscles with the Shank meat removed 8-10lb, just the Outside muscle group (the 3 largest muscles) 4-5lb, the Outside Flat cut (only 2 of the outsde muscles, the long round Eye muscle removed, so the meat lays flat) 3-4lb, just the inside muscles 3-4lb, or the 3-way ( all the major muscles, separated but in the same box giving different sized pieces) 14-16lb boxes. Plus, the weights are just for the " A " range, smallest Pigs, and go up from there!  So it is hard to tell from the title what they are selling. If it looks good...Buy it! Then when you find out what they are actually selling, take some pics and post them. We can then guide you better as to what options you have...JJ
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  5. I took a meat cutting class a long time ago and we got a copy of the book that outlines all the primals and different cuts you can get from each primal, which was so awesome to have, but now its in a storage unit far, far away lol. So handy to have! They were, of course, out of the leg so I actually ended up with a 17lb cryo of butt because it was marked down. So I ended up paying like a dollar a pound for it! I just couldn't say no to that!!!

    I started some buckboard bacon with about 5 lbs and the rest I put iin the freezer.
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    Nothing wrong with that! IBP is an outstanding packer so you will have some good Piggy there...JJ
  7. I actually got to tour their beef plant in walulla, Washington and it was fascinating. From mooing to sides of beef in like literally 5 minutes. It was almost shocking how clean and QUIET it is.

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