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    My local Jetro (Restaurant Depot) seems to always have a selection of beef chuck ribs (IMPS 130) available which is great because I love cooking them.  Here's how I did it this past weekend and what I would do to improve them.  Hope you all like pictures.

    In the package:

    Removed them from the package, did a little trimming and added ~1 tbsp kosher salt per rack.  Wrapped in plastic and put in the fridge for 15 hours.

    Got a fire going in my OK Joe Longhorn with some 16 month seasoned Red Oak because that's what fell and there's a lot of it!  It's a bonus that it makes tasty vapor:

    Removed the ribs from the fridge, slathered them with Louisiana hot sauce and evenly sprinkled ~1 tbsp of coarse black pepper to each rack.

    Once the fire was strong and burning clear, put the ribs on and targeted 275ºF (+/- 25ºF, lets be real here).

    4 hours in, started spritzing with apple cider vinegar and moving them around for even cooking:

    7 hours and they were done.  Put them in a faux cambro for an hour to serve at another location:

    Only thing I would have changed was to wrap them for the last hour of cooking.  They really had some intense bark, which is not a bad thing for me flavor/texture wise but I think it hurt the presentation for people that aren't used to it.  I was happy to share my current favorite cut of beef with friends and strangers that had never experienced the glory of the big beef rib.  Need to find some beef plate ribs for the next cook.

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  2. dukeburger

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    Nice looking ribs there! [​IMG]

    Wrapping will help with your super-bark issue, I've seen others on here use the 3-2-1 method (or a variation of) with some success!

    Smoke on [​IMG]
  3. worktogthr

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    Those look great! Like you beef ribs are one of my favorite things to smoke and eat. I usually 3-2-1 and I get good bark without them being too intensely barky. I also feel like the foiling stage makes the fat render out nicely which makes them melt in your mouth. Now you are going to make me defrost the beef ribs o have in the freezer for this weekend Hahah twisted my arm! Great cook!
  4. dukeburger

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    Since I've been steering away from wrapping anything that goes in my smoker, I've started mopping my beef ribs once the bark has been formed. Seems to help with the mega-bark also.

    Just another thought [​IMG]
  5. dstar26t

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    Thanks for the suggestions all.  Next time I'm wrapping and they'll probably finish off faster I'm assuming so win-win.
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    Nice Ribs ! Gotta love those Restaurant distributers , I frequent our "Gordon Food Dist. " often for my occasional needs.

    Thanks for the look ,at your ,'fantasztic ' Ribs . . .

    Have fun , and . . .

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