BBQ with Franklin - Cracked Black Pepper - where do you find it?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by valien, Aug 14, 2014.

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    So I've been watching some of the BBQ with Franklin videos and he uses 'cracked black pepper'. I am familiar with ground black pepper but cracked? If I took my grinder and tried to crack that much pepper it would take forever. So can you buy already cracked black pepper or something? Or would regular ground black pepper work just as well?
  2. Put pepper in a bag, pound with a mallet.
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  3. valien

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    hah...never thought of that. lol! 
  4. Electric coffee grinders are <$15 both via Amazon Prime and at your local Wal-Mart. Great way to grind up spices. I have one for coffee but bought an extra one just for CBP and spices.
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    I use a mortar and pestle when needing a bunch of cracked pepper. Works good for other things as well.

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    The way I've always done it is put the whole peppers on a cutting board and using a sauté pan, holding the handle and the other hand holding the outside lip of pan, crush the peppers on the bottom of the pan right under where the handle meets the pan.
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    It's much more fun if you grab the handle of the sauté pan with both hands and just whack away at the peppercorns.   Saves a trip to the therapist.[​IMG]
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  9. aaaaaahhhhhh, there are many fine rubs. marinades, and woods out there - and as much as I enjoy them my 'go-to' has become salt, pepper, onion, garlic over hardwood with the occasional chunk of fruit wood - smell of some smoking cherry or peach wood is hard to beat.....

    Ok -as I drift back to reality.....I found this gem at our local Meijer store, if your not from the Midwest, Meijer is like a Walmart only far, far better. Buy two, I'm going through this pretty quick!


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