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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by ejluttmann, May 15, 2013.

  1. Started my smoke house build a couple weekends ago.  Almost done, just need paint and some hardware.  Built the PID controller last weekend, I'll include pictures of that when I get back into town.

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    awww man.. no pics

    ok.. they're up now.. pretty nice.. is that stainless or aluminium ?
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  4. Ya, I saw that right after I posted it ... I just edited it ;)
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    Thank You!

    Nice looking house!!!

    What are the interior dimensions?
    What is the wattage of that element and is is 120v or 220v?

    I'm building a house and am thinking of going electric but am not sure of what kind of element to use.
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    Also what are you planning on using for smoke?
  7. Aluminum sheet metal.  I learned I hate messing with sheet metal, it was the biggest pain of the project - I normally enjoy my projects but I was really glad to get that part done.
  8. ~24" wide by ~19" deep. It's 120v 1500 watt, here is what I bought 

    What I didn't take pictures of was the insulation between the 1/2" cement board and the siding - I used Roxul 23-in W x 3-in D Stone Wool Insulation Batts from Lowes - thinking I would compress the insulation into 1.5" wall.  I would probably not get 3 in next time, cause they were pretty compressed when I got them and was probably way overkill.
  9. Haven't thought that far ahead ;)  I figure I'll get a metal tray, use what is typically used for electric smokers and set it on the burner. 
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    That element looks like just what I've been looking for! I've searched everything and haven't seen that one, Thanks!

    Have you thought of an AMNPS for smoke? That is what I plan on using.
  11. No, I'll look into that ... thanks!
  12. One other thing, I first drilled a hole for a 1" pipe for the element out the bottom. I ended up having to put in a 1.5" pipe to make it work. I cut the pipe level with the sheet metal and put high temp silicon around it before installing the element.
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    ej, evening.... and welcome to the forum.....   when you fire her up, be sure to check the heat from the element on the floor....  That could catch the wood under the cement board and aluminum on fire.....   I know,  I know..... that sounds impossible but... once the wood and aluminun get up to 3-400 degrees, your smoker could be burnt toast.....   be sure there is an air gap to stop the heat from transmitting to the wood......


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  14. I'll definitely keep an eye on this ... I'm now wondering if I should add some more protection under the burner. A few differences I see is that I used 1/2" while the pictures above seem to be 1/4" - they had both at the store but the 1/4" (2x2 scored board) seemed more flexible but less sturdy. Also, I have two layers of sheet metal under the burner - one that the burner is mounted on and one that I installed, plus using stone wool insulation between the concrete board and siding. But I see your point. I think underneath the burner on the bottom would be the only thing I'd be concerned about at this point - due to the two wood support braces I added. Luckily it's the most easily accessible part - I'll need to ponder this for a bit.

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    That's a nice looking smokehouse!  Be sure to show and tell us how it cooks...

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    Great build [​IMG]

    I feel your pain in working with aluminum sheet metal.  I am curious what thickness did you use?  It looks like I am going to help a friend build one.  I used 0.040 on mine and I had to score every bend to make it work. It was a pain and I used up a new ferrous metal circular saw blade by the time I was done.  It looks like your sheeting is a little thinner.

    As far as smoke I have both an AMTS and a frying pan over my propane burner that I burn chunks.  I use one or the other depending on what I am doing.  The AMTS sure is easy and provides a consistent long burning smoke.  I originally only had it for low temperature smoke but I find that I am using it more and more.  Todd has a great selection of types of wood pellets and he has the best customer service in the business.  Definitely worth looking at.

    It looks like you have a pretty good airspace between your burner and the floor, but given the pictures as S2K9K's fire I would probably opt for overkill and but some type ceramic tile covered with a sheet of aluminum directly under the burner.  I have a propane burner on legs that is 6" off the floor but his pictures still made me take another close look at my build.

    I look forward to hearing how your build smokes.  I am sure that it is going to be great.
  17. I used 2x3' aluminum sheets from Lowes, think they are like 0.02 or something close to that. I bent them by clamping them between strips of 3/4 in plywood and a rubber mallet -

    I think it would be easy to install some ceramic tile under the burner. The burner comes with an attached aluminum sheet so I'd just need to drilll-out holes for the vent and electric cord.
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    That wasn't my fire! I don't even have a smokehouse yet!

  19. S2K9K pointed me to the AMNPS, so it looks like AMTS is similar in function - only that the AMTS is pellet only. I like the way you have the AMTS mounted, it looks very convenient. Do you know (or think) the AMTS could be used for cold smoking? That's the only thing I think the AMNPS might have over the AMTS - besides the amount of time of the pellets smolder.
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    Both can be used for cold smoking. The AMNPS will burn dust or pellets and will give about twice the burn time of the AMNTS. The AMNTS was developed for pellet grills but has shown very good results in propane smokers where the AMNPS has struggled. The AMNPS works very well in electric smokers that have good airflow. For more details you could call Todd or send him a PM with some pics of your smokehouse and he could give advice on which would be best for you.

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