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HELP!! FIRE!! ^&@#

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I ran my new built smoke house today for seasoning. It ran great for around six hours or so i thought. I shut it down about 2 hours ago and I noticed a bit ago that smoke was still going. Long story short my floor is burned out and thank GOD it just smoldered. I have concrete backer board on the floor. It cracked and allowed underneath to burn. My northern tool burner is not on it's cast iron legs because everyone else seems to use it flush.


My question is will i be ok with a new shhet of concrete and my burner on it's legs? This is why my first purchase to run this was a fire ext. I used the hose but if it had flared up....


Damn I wanted to run this tomorrow. The first pic of the hatrdbacker board is the top where burner was




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in the first pic the right wall has no concrete. thats because i pulled it to slide the floor sheet out

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Well it's good that you caught it in time, could have been a whole lot worse!
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Yea it's going to mess up my sleep thats for sure

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I think I would have went with this instead of hardibacker.
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I'll have to check for it. All we have within 100 miles is a lowes

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They should have it right next to the Hardi. The Hardi is " non combustible" the durock has an actual fire rating.
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Thanks I will take a drive up there first thing tomorrow. I'm debating on if i want to replace the floor or not. I may just put it on my eventually list

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Lowe's will have Durock or maybe different brand, it's half inch thick so it will span the burnt hole with out an issue.  You might also consider laying some cutting some 2" inch strips and laying them  down between the deckboards and the durock as sleepers.  With the air gap there it will reduce the heat transfer to the wood.  


HD or Lowes also carries a light weight type durock, ya might check its fire resistance.  It might be better as it would have more air in it, but it might not be fire resistant. 

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My concern with lifting the floor is it may allow extra air in.

With the thick fire rated stuff in I think I will also put the burner legs on.

Will likely leave the hardbacker on sides and back since they did just fine
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No more than laying it down on the wood that's not air tight.  You can still cut the durock tight, for that matter you could probably caulk your seams with food grade silicone which is typically rated up to 500 deg I believe.


Also if the legs are too long you could maybe set it down on a couple bricks.

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I will see tomorrow. Lowes owes me the durok it was their jackass employee that assured me to use hardbacker
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A layer of fire brick on the floor would solve the problem.
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I'm going to try the 1/2 board first. If i'm still not happy i will rebuild the floor and use brick. Still planning to use it tomorrow for pulled pork, just got done with a nice rub down

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Well, under most circumstances I prefer the hardi, but I think this is gettin outside the realm of intended uses. lol

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My issue is with the guy at Lowes. Either he is misinformed or, worse, he guessed to brush me off. I'm guessing the latter because this particular employee is always rushing customers and has a real attitude problem. I have no issue with a guy that does not know and finds out for me but this guy is an ass and his BS almost led to a fire

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Lowes gave me a refund on the backer as well as giving me the durock at no cost. Got two 1/2 sheets under burner and im almost to smoking temp so we will see how it goes
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Originally Posted by Castiron View Post

Well, under most circumstances I prefer the hardi, but I think this is gettin outside the realm of intended uses. lol
I agree100%. I was a flooring contractor for about 10 years and preferred the Hardi, it always made the tile match up better to other surfaces. For a smokehouse I think the durock is a better option.
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tHE DUROCK IS perfect. My smoker is running perfectly i'm so pleased. I got it up to 250F with TBS at 11am and put my 6lb shoulder in. She's still stuck at 165-170 but i'm hoping it pushes on soon lol. It's taking longer then expected but the smoker is doing just great. I cant wait to here my maverick beep lol. I peeked a bit ago when i spritzed it with apple juice and it looks FAAANNNNNTASTIC.

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Sorry to hear about the fire, but glad it's all fixed and smoking meat!!!

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