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Just purchased the ibb-4t and CANNOT get any of the apps to connect. I tried the Pro, Plus and the BBQ-4T apps. I changed the password on my 2.4g network then even completely disabled my 5g network and STILL will not connect. It is 2021 and this should NOT be this difficult.
PM sent friend, please don't worry, will help you solve it well
Smoking some moose tonight, first time. Wish me luck!
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one eyed jack
one eyed jack
Sorry for the late response. Looks like the whole crowd missed your post. I just found it, myself.

How did the moose smoke go? Is there any fat in Moose, or is it lean as most game is?
I am seeking some information on grilling mutton / lamb I have smoked it before in an old smoke house I just want to do more since a neighbor has offered me some
I'm a newbie on SMF from East Texas. I actually stumbled on this site looking for new probes for one of my inkbird food thermometers. Anyway I'm glad I found this forum. I look forward to reading the different posts here. I bought a New Oklahoma Joe this week. It's replacing a pit barrel cooker that I've had for several years. I've been an avid bbq'er for a long time but I'm always looking for better ideas.
I thought embed only works for initial post. But I tried to paste link into a reply and it does embed that way also. I will try to embed instead of posting link in future. Thanks.
hey, can you let me know what your 4-pin controllers look like? also, how much to ship one to 91030? Thanks so much.
I have acquired a Sazco Sultan within the past few weeks and am in need of advice about parts as I too need a new fire box. My Sultan could your Sultan's long lost twin!!!
I was very upset because I could not contact them by them by phone. However, I sent an email and they 100% took care of my problem. I needed a new cabin temp probe and control panel. The parts will be shipped as soon as they are in stock. Super service! Also, thanks for Ur replies!
I have been a member since roughly 2006. Life got busy, cancer came for me twice, I moved from CA to NH, and I am back and better than ever!! I’m excited to be back among all my smoking crazy friends!!
I have been a member for a long time life got busy and I got away from a lot of things. I am glad to be back on here and look forward to meeting everyone again .
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