The New "BBQ" Restaurant

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I spent a lot of time at Santa Pod during the mid 80's, drifted away, then visited twice last year for the euro nationals in May and September.

I was pleasantly surprised by the upgrades - from new tarmac, decent wc's and something other than kebabs and burgers to eat!

They even have a van that sells pulled pork rolls, although I was dissappointed to find it wasn't smoked pulled pork.

I also like the idea of taking a smoker up there - once I have one anyway.

Quite amazed that you're just up the road in Aldershot...
at the santa pod main event in may  there was some proper slow smoked pulled pork but you didn't know where i was camping lol !!! i didn't  get there in september but i think the weather wasn't that great but in may the weather was crap thursday eve and friday daytime but afterwards it was fab, i got well burnt (didn't think i needed sun cream lol) ,it is also nice to know some people are joining in on the smoking adventure that are local to me :) where abouts are you in guildford i am around the corner from ash train station i am originally from SE london area and moved here about 10-11 years ago
I also got burnt in May lol, and was there only on Sun/Mon :) I think the wind made it feel cooler.

September sunday only was dry/sunny except for a short patch of light rain.

I'm based in West Clandon, which is 4 miles east of Guildford, just south of the A3.
Well, to put the thread kinda back on track,

I took a trip to Brighton today with one of my objectives being to check out one of the two eateries mentioned earlier in the thread.

I went with a friend to Smokeys on the sea front, where I had smoked brisket chips n slaw to eat.

I have wanted to try smoked brisket for what seems like an eternity now, and although I have nothing to reference my experience, I was really happy with the plate set before me.

I had 4-5 thick slices(approx 1/2+ inch thick) of brisket, which was tender, lean and had a distinctive hickory flavour smokieness to it.

From what I understood from talking to one of the waiters, who's been there since the opening 8-9 months ago, all their meat dishes are hickory smoked, which also include pulled pork, chicken, pork ribs, and a homemade sausage. Below is a menu link:

Going purely on a single visit, I would recommend this place, and I intend on going back to try some other dishes.

however as I have no other reference  as to how smoked brisket could or should taste, if it's not too far, pay them a visit yourself :)
Well Andy, if it was a big plate of tender tasty smoked brisket then I guess you can't ask for much more.  DARN!!!  You folks are going to make me drive to Brighton aren't ya??  Have fun.  Keep Smokin!


I see a couple guests viewing this post.  If you are in the U.K. come on in!  The water is fine.  We are a friendly bunch and will help any way we can.

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I took another trip to Brighton today, this time with the intention(amoungst other things) of giving the Bar-B-Q Shack a visit for the sake of smokey food tasting

It is basically the menu for the Worls End Pub on the London Road, opposite-ish the fire station, including pulled pork, brisket, ribs and sausage, amoungst other things.

I decided to try the pulled pork sandwich, which came with coleslaw and some pickles, all for £7.95.

The pork tasted good and tender, and had a good smokey taste, which wasn't too over powering.

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