St. Pat's Irish Stout

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    I used LD Carlson Breiess Dried Malt Extract Traditional dark I used about 1 1/2 cups with about half the booster.Used White lab liquid Irish Ale yeast
    wlp004 also used LD Carlson yeast nutrient 2 tsp for the batch Started the batch yesterday will see how it comes out.
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    I tried a stout in my old mr. beer kit. It won't bad but, not guiness that is for sure.
    The last beer I made was some type of red ale, can't remember. I do remember that the abv. was 10%. It tasted it to.
    Just got rid of all my brewing stuff last month. 2 mr. beer kits, about 40 bottles plastic and glass swing top, and my real kit with the buckets and all.
    Just found I wasn't doing it much anymore.
    Hope it turns out god for you.
  3. redbrinkman1955

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    Ok it's been two weeks tommorow and I think I will take a shot full and try it out Hopefully it is ready to put into secondary fermentor I think I will give it a week more or so. then break out the copper drops and into the botttles for another week then off to the fridge. dont want to rush this batch
    Good Luck and Good Brewing

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