Reverse Flow Smokers and frabrication questions

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by thomasyoung, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Hello tsywake,
    I think you are right and I made a new image of the proposed Bar-Be-Cue trailer. Please let me know what you think. I think it will give the trailer the balance it needs.
    Thomas [​IMG]
  2. pineywoods

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    What about putting an adjustable baffle from the fire box into the warming cabinet and put a stack on the warming cabinet and use that for doing your hanging smoking? You could rig it so you could put shelves in or hanging bars
  3. pineywoods

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    I moved this info here so as not to clutter Uncle Beef's fantastic build thread Thomas I hope you don't mind
  4. morkdach

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    thanks we did hijack the thread[​IMG]
  5. tsywake

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    Even the previous picture you linked would work, but that should be fine. I just know from personal experience you dont want too much weight behind the axles. I have to keep my trailer hitched to my tractor until I get some more weight on it because I started by putting the smoker on the rear first. Once I get the gas grill, kegerator and other compartments on the front it'll balance out, but right now its popping a wheelie.
  6. No I don't mind at all. Wouldn't want to take away from UncleBeefs thread. I do thank you UncleBeef for the work that you did as it did inspire me. Also a Big Thanks goes out to all of those who have helped me on this thread. My welder has now gotten the idea as to what I wanted. I knew he didn't know a lot about Reverse Flow and thanks to PineyWoods for being able to talk to him and filling him in about all the positive aspects of this build. My drawing that I made up will pretty much be what I will get. Maybe one tank at a time.... However it's getting there now. We are beginning the build from the planning stages!! Ya Hooo![​IMG] I will post pictures of the build as we go a long!
    Thanks everybody!,
    Thomas [​IMG]
  7. morkdach

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    bring it on ready to see it come togather.
    thanks to all builders out there for sharing bbq train driver zeeker uncle countrysmoker and you.[​IMG]
  8. gotoleep

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    Da**, that is going to be heck of a project. Can't wait to see the progress. Remember, lots of pics. Good luck.
  9. Yeah from my head to the drawing board (my Computer) to the builder/welder. I'll make sure to take pleanty of photo's!!
    Thomas [​IMG]
  10. You and me both! I love it when a plan comes together!!
    Thomas [​IMG]
  11. Hi everyone,
    I need your help here please. What is the size of the angle iron used to catch the drips and water? I also need to know what is the size of the flat bar (in the picture it looks to be maybe two to three inches?)that is welded to the angle iron and the two pieces of sides. I need to know the size so that the water won't flow over the edge and into the bottom of the tank. One more question comes to mind. On a 500 gal. tank where abouts does the angle iron get tack on? I think that are all the questions for now, Thank You!
    Thomas [​IMG]
  12. pineywoods

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    Yes that is about where it stops if you look at Uncle Beef's picture you can see that end of the plate is square and the tank is concave therefore it can't be against the end wall. I think and I'm guessing here that it has about 10" of tank past where the plate stops this is where the smoke enters the smoke chamber
  13. Geez..... What is harder waiting for your Barbecue smoker and having it made for you when all that you're doing is eating, talking and sleeping Barbecue. Time can not go fast enough! Or the Welder who is making it for you has no idea what Reverse flow is and thinks there doesn't need to have a 1/4 drop in the drip rail has he says the ground will control that. Why me, if I could only weld!
  14. Hey everybody, On a 500 gal tank what are the sizes to cut the doors? Reason has to why I'm asking is the welder that I have said they should be small because otherwise they would be too heavy. Doe's that sound right? I gave him a picture of a 500 gal tank that Yoder sells from their Bar-Be-Que Tank. I don't know if that was any help. So if you have any ideas as far as what the dimentions that they should be I would appreciate it a lot!
    Thomas [​IMG]
  15. i dont have a big tank, but i have seen some on here and they seem to make the doors whatever size they want by using counterweights. maybe someone who has one will post some pix and measurements. we look forward to your finished pix of the build! (and que-view)
  16. rickw

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    I agree if there is no counterweight a good size door might be a challenge to open. I had one put on my Horizon just so the wife would not have any trouble with opening it. Here is a pic of it.
  17. Well today was suppose to be the start of the build of my Smoker project after some delays.
    Today was called off because the guy who is doing the welding wants to get a awning to place over the tank and trailer in case of rain and heat from the sun. That sounded resumable to me. I will be happy just to see him working on it, and not have it has a stand still project! I'll keep everybody posted here on the progress and keeping my fingers crossed at the same time.
    Thomas [​IMG]
  18. Hello everyone,
    Well it looks like my welder is starting on my project. He told me that he couldn’t work on it before because of all the rain we were getting plus he wanted to be in the shade and away from the Florida Sun. He now has a canopy over the tank and on a cement slab. So he should be working on it now. I say he should, but he wasn’t there when I came over, so I hope he starts being more steadfast in his work so I can see some progress!
    Here are some pictures of the tank and the trailer. I’m thinking that the trailer needs to be more beefy, what do you all think?

    Thomas [​IMG]

    500 Gallon Tank – Photo 1

    500 Gallon Tank – Photo 2

    500 Gallon Tank – Photo 3

    500 Gallon Tank – Photo 4

    500 Gallon Tank – Photo 5

    Smoker Trailer – Photo 1

    Smoker Trailer – Photo 2

  19. morkdach

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    wow keep us posted on this [​IMG]
  20. dutch

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    Looking good. What is the length of you trailer? Is it going to be long enough to have a wood box on it?
    Your tank mounts will help determin where to add additional cross members.

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