Religions of the World

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    TAOISM - Sh*t Happens.
    HARE KRISHINA - Sh*t Happens Rama Rama Ding Ding.
    HINDUISM - This Sh*t Happened Before.
    ISLAM - If Sh*t Happens, Take A Hostage.
    ZEN - What Is The Sound Of Sh*t Happening?
    BUDDHISM - When Sh*t Happens, Is It Really Sh*t?
    CONFUCIANISM - Confucias Say, "Sh*t Happens".
    7TH DAY ADVENTIST - Sh*t Happens On Saturdays.
    PROTESTANTISM - Sh*t Won't Happen, If I Work Harder.
    CATHOLICISM - If Sh*t Happens, I Deserve It.
    JEHOVAH'S WITNESS - Knock Knock, "Sh*t Happens".
    UNITARIAN - What Is This Sh*t?
    MORMON - Sh*t Happens Again & Again & Again...
    JUDAISM - Why Does This Sh*t Always Happen To Me?
    RASTAFARIANISM - Lets Smoke This Sh*t.

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