Inkbird Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with 4 Colored Probes IBT-4RT Review

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jan 16, 2020
I saw the post earlier this week about this unit and MCS accessory came to mind. I already have the IBT-XS and it works just fine, however after looking at that thread, I decided to give the XS to my son and get the RT. I used the promo code, so I got a really great deal on this. Ordered through Amazon, of course, and it arrived in three days. Given the current state of things, three days is good..

It came packaged well, as their other equipment does. I just got their Sous Vide last month and that thing is great too. So, it's no surprise this is going to be great.
Box IB.jpg

Yeah, I know about the tablecloth, but it's Halloween and the kids like it :emoji_laughing:

Once opened, it was packed up nicely.

Box IB 2.jpg

What I like best is about the probes is that the rubber sleeve also acts like a strain relief for the wire probe connection. Very nice and durable.

Strain IB.jpg

The other great thing about this unit is with the app. It's the Pro version, which is better than the app that is used with the XS. The display is quite nice and intuitive. You got to scroll down to view the other two probes.

IB 2 display.jpg

One nice thing about this version of the app is that you can view either one probe or all four probes on the graph.
IB graph.jpg

IB graph 4.jpg

However, as they say "the proof is in the pudding"
IB Temp.jpg

Pretty spot on, if you ask me with the ice bath. Three tenths variation is not too bad.

The display unit is slightly larger than the XS, but is a step up from the XS, in my opinion.

IB display.jpg

Overall, just taking it out of the box and playing with it, I really like it and it seems like it's going to be great to use and play around with. Hopefully, I can put it to use this weekend and finish things up with the review.

Sorry for all of the photos. For those that can remember the saying, "it was a Kodak moment"..

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