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  1. I bought a trimed in-the-bag brisket ! It will go on the ecb all-in-one smoker around 2:00 am tomorrow (08-17-08) . My question is The brisket is 8.53 lbs and is much thicker at one end than the other about 4 inches down to about 1 1/2 therefore I'm affraid it won't cook evenly ? or will it ? should I cut it into two picecs or leave it whole HELP HELP

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    Ya could check the temps in both ends, ifin the skinny end is gettin done way to fast yall could cover lightly with some foil ta slow it down a bit. Also, some cookers er hotter in spots then others, yall could put the skinny end over the cooler spot to. I'm sure there be some others long ta give ya a few other idears to. Good luck an may the smoke gots smile upon yer cooker!

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